Business Software

AxiDev Software develops business software applications using Microsoft® dotNet technologies for the application code.  If a database is needed, then the actual DBMS selected will depend on the needs of the application. If you have a preference we can develop in VB or C#.  However, there are times when the need for extreme functionality dictates using C#.  Fortunately VB and C# can reside in the same application, with portions written in either.

At AxiDev we have worked with several major database systems and a few minor systems, also.  Some of the major systems include Oracle, DB2, MySql, SqlServer.  Some minor systems include Foxpro, Access, Sqlite.  We have found Sqlite to be extremely powerful and versatile for embedded databases, and it’s a bit surprising to find out how many desktop programs already utilize it.

So for local and client-server applications, with the power of desktop and laptop computers, we have found these technologies to be able to cover 90% of all business software needs.  For those 10% that they fall short, we are very happy to recommend another developer ( if we know of one ) that can provide the level of service you require.  A couple of examples of situations where we would not provide service would be for Linux or Mac programs ( although we are currently looking into adding Linux to our portfolio ), Data Warehouses, real-time speed intensive applications.

Should AxiDev’s technology choices fit your business software requirements, we look forward to serving you.