AxiDev Software began as a custom business software development company, which would typically include training of the personnel in the use of that software.  As such, we quickly realized the need for general software training, mostly for general computer programs like office suites and accounting software.  This was way back in 1999, when most people were not so tech savvy.

These days most office workers, with very rare exception, have entered the workforce already capable with the general business applications or they have already had enough exposure to them to be adept, and even require only minimal training to be capable in using custom written software.

Beginning in 2014, AxiDev began training developers, both aspiring and working, in new development tools (new to them).  These technologies include application development, web development, and database systems.  These training classes have become very popular, so much so that we don’t have enough instructors to handle the demand.  So, we will be adding a series of training videos for both novice and intermediate students.  These training series will also include available face-to-face time with the instructors, on a scheduled basis, through conferencing software like Zoom or Skype.

As technologies have progressed tremendously, AxiDev began in 2016 to support business networks, which include installation and support of servers and workstations, and installation and support of security cameras.

Only time will tell what we will be adding in the future.