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Custom Software, Web Sites and Training

At AxiDev we have been building web sites since 1998.  Needless to say the environment has changed dramatically.  What used to be just simple html has now become dynamic, database driven, content specific, device sensitive.  The web world almost bears no resemblance to what it was in the 1990's.

We now build web sites using PHP for custom work, Joomla! for content driven sites, Joomla! and Virtuemart for content and shopping sites, and Zencart for purely eCommerce sites. These sites are typically for small to medium sized businesses.  We currently do not build sites for large businesses with an extreme web presence.

We currently do not provide hosting services, but we strongly recommend Linux servers for your web site, and will only build sites on Linux servers.  We have our preferred providers, which we will recommend, but the choice of web host is yours.  Maybe you know a hosting company that is better than ours!

All of our web development is for business sites, no personal sites.  There are many companies on the web that provide free sites for personal use, and we have found most of them to be quite adequate.

Our prices are very reasonable, and we utilize, as much as possible, free web components to keep costs down.  PHP itself is free, so our charges are only for the development of PHP code and installation and configuration of the free components.  All of our web development can include training.