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Web applications, sometimes called SaaS ( software-as-a-service ), are very different than web sites.  Web applications provide your customers with an online program rather than a desktop program.  The web program itself is the service, and typically your customers would pay a subscription fee to use it.  Well-known examples of this type of program are, Google Apps, even a web-based email system like GMail.

Most, if not all, of these web applications utilize what is known as AJAX, a method of sending and receiving data without having to refresh the entire web page.  This provides desktop program functionality, or very close to it, in a browser.

There are many benefits to providing this kind of service, both to your customer and to you. 

You customer doesn't have to deal with the nuisance of installing and updating software on a continual basis in their internal servers and desktops/laptops, all updates are automatic the next time they login; data is managed and backed up on a nightly basis from the web server as a typical free service; it doesn't matter if your customer is using Windows, Linux, Mac or anything else, the program still works.

You don't have to send out disks, hoping the copy protection is adequate; you don't have to send out updates, saving postage; you only have to update the web server; you don't have to try to support every kind of client configuration imaginable - if a particular web browser doesn't function as expected, just recommend to your customer to install one of the supported browsers.

AxiDev develops web applications with custom-written javascript for AJAX, or by utilizing jQuery.  The approach depends entirely on the needs of the web application.