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Gone are the days when we could assume that what we've done with technology will be good for the next 5 to 10 years.  We are in very good shape when what we've done lasts an entire year.  Today things move so fast that it seems we spend as much time on our technology front as we do on our main line of business.

Even full time IT staff has serious limitations these days, because they only work with, and stay in tune with, whatever technology we have in house.  But the world of technology isn't going to wait for us - it just keeps moving forward. 

That's why, even with IT staff, it is beneficial to have an outside IT professional come in and assess your current technology strengths and weaknesses.  Especially when considering a new application or web site, or a mobile app.  So many businesses are still making do with an "antique" web site, and no mobile app at all.

AxiDev Software may be able to help.  While we don't do everything, if we take a look at your current situation we will provide technology guidance, even if it means advising you to go to another software company.  Maybe we'll do something else for you in the future.